Currently, the featured novel of J'Anne Grenier is Passing Through, the first installment of her riveting
Dream Sequence trilogy. In this masterful tale, J'Anne demonstrates why she has gained such a following
among fans of supernatural fiction.


Passing Through

First Published October 12, 2013

Charlotte LaRue's recurring dreams of houses served as a constant reminder of potential opportunities in her life.  Although she had been through a great deal for a young girl, it appeared that new doors were not opening yet.  Until a surprise visit to a haunted city in Florida would expose her to supernatural forces that would change her forever.

My Instinct was to turn and run. I wasn't about to stand here and let whatever this was systematically drain the life out of me and my friends...But even if I wanted to move, I found that it was physically impossible. We were frozen in place and I couldn't tell if the light was holding us there or fear itself.

Filled with romance, mystery, discovery and terror, J'Anne describes the wonder that is the ghost community in the oldest U.S. city.  The first in a supernatural sequence, this page-turner will allow the reader to feel the heroine's same experiences, confusion and ultimately true love.

Available Now on Kindle and in Paperback.

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Passing Through
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J'Anne is interested in anything out of the ordinary, addicted to the paranormal..
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